Lampert Tops on Hunter Classics Tour

Lampert Tops on Hunter Classics Tour

Lampert Tops on Hunter Classics Tour

Hunter Classics Tour / Richardson, TX
by Rick Davis
The Hunter Tour brought out their best players September 8-9 at The Billiard Den in Richardson, TX, where a 49-player field set their eyes on the title. Coming through it all was Amanda Lampert, who overcame six opponents to take the event undefeated.
On the winners’ side Lampert was in full control from the start. After a first-round bye she drilled Deedra Trammel 7-2 then skipped through a trio of matches to face Marissa Hallett in the hot seat match. Hallett had done her share of the work too, defeating five opponents on the way to the hot seat match, including a scorcher against Julie Stephenson 7-1. Neither player let up in the hot seat match, but it was Lampert who pulled ahead first and cleaned the match up with a 7-5 conclusion.
On the one-loss side it was Heather Lloyd who captured the attention of competitors and spectators alike as she ousted Leslie Anne Rogers double-hill as one of her stepping stones to the quarterfinals. In that quarterfinal match Lloyd dropped the hammer on Shayla Neris 7-3 then drilled Hallett 7-1 in the semifinals. With the title in their sights Lampert and Lloyd set out to settle the match, and in short order it was Lampert who tipped the scales and took the 7-3 win to claim the event.


Amanda Lampert

Heather Lloyd

Marissa Hallett

Shayla Neris

Julie Stephenson

Tracie Voelkering

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