Wright Wins on Tri-State Tour

Wright Wins on Tri-State Tour

Wright Wins on Tri-State Tour
Tri-State Tour / Edison, NJ

by Rick Davis
The Tri-Sate Tour held their October 27 event in what is nearly a weekly offering at Edison Billiards 153 in Edison, NJ, and Jay Wright could do no wrong as he captured the event. The double-elimination B/C/D handicapped 9-ball action brought in a 32-player field that was dotted by past winners and tour regulars making it an exciting tour event.
On the winners’ side Dave Shlemperis, who was moved in rank from C to C+ after a tour win last week found himself in the hot seat match facing Wright. Both players had just come off tight matches in the previous round, but it was Shlemperis who burst ahead with the 6-2 defeat over Wright.
The one-loss side quickly sieved the remaining players to bring the event to a finale. Ron Mason drilled Stephen Brush 6-2 in the quarterfinals only to be drilled in return by the same margin courtesy of Wright in the semifinals. Wright then, with revenge in his eyes, came at Shlemperis with all he had and managed to overtake him 8-6 to claim the event.
1st Jay Wright
2nd Dave Shlemperis
3rd Ron Mason
4th Stephen Brush
5th Sal Lanuto
Mike Amaya

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