Berry Breaks the Bank

Berry Breaks the Bank

Berry Breaks the Bank
Billiard Congress of Wisconsin Open 9-Ball Tour / Waukesha, WI

by Jonathan Demet

Master Z’s in Waukesha, WI, brought out 15 players on February 14 for the BCW Open 9-Ball Tour. All players hoped to take a win straight to the bank, and it was Mark Berry who took home the lion’s share of the purse.

On the winners’ side, John Zager won over Jeff Carter 8-4, while Berry showcased his skill by besting Jon Giles 8-2. In the following hot seat match, Berry continued his strong play by winning over Zager 8-3.

Over on the west side of the chart Jonathan Demet eliminated Todd Rathkamp 6-1, up-and-coming junior player Tyler Styer squeaked by Scott Kugel 6-4, Robert Treffeisen ousted Dave Leverenz 6-2, and Gary Johnson won a big match over previous state champion Craig Powers 6-1.

Runner up John Zager and winner Mark Berry

Runner up John Zager and winner Mark Berry

With six players left on the left side, Demet bested Styer 6-2, while Johnson knocked Robert Treffeisen out 6-1. Carter than defeated Demet 6-2, and Giles took out Johnson 6-3. In the quarterfinals Carter eliminated Giles in fourth place and advanced to meet Zager. Carter fell to Zager in the semifinals 6-3, but Zager’s momentum was over, as Berry trounced him in the final match 8-3.

1st Mark Berry $400
2nd John Zager $235
3rd Jeff Carter $150

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