Sacramento Connect Blog of the Week: ‘Farmer Fred’ Hoffman

Sacramento Connect Blog of the Week: ‘Farmer Fred’ Hoffman

The Sacramento Bee hosts a network of high-quality news providers and bloggers in the Sacramento region. Here is a sample of the best of the current blogs. Check out the full postings:


• The Farmer Fred Rant

Who writes it: Master gardener Fred Hoffman, who also hosts several local radio shows on gardening.

What it’s about: “Farmer Fred” has spent the past 30 years gardening and is a wealth of information on the topic. But his blog is not just for expert gardeners: Hoffman takes technical information and synthesizes it into understandable information bites.

What it says: Hoffman’s most popular posts are his how-tos; for example, “Starting a vegetable garden for the first time.” One tip: To determine whether your soil is warm enough to garden, sit in it for 60 seconds. “If your butt can take it, then your veggies can take it.”

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