Wireless surveillance watches for forest fires

Wireless surveillance watches for forest fires

El Dorado Hills-based Vicom Wireless said Tuesday that it has deployed its first fire-detection system for the U.S. Forest Service and the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.

Over two years, Vicom Wireless designed and built a forest fire surveillance and detection system for use throughout El Dorado County.

“Our system now helps protect over 31 million acres of private and public forests in California,” said James Cinquini, Vicom’s president. The Vicom system employs multiple high-definition pan, tilt and zoom cameras connected to wireless broadband Ethernet radios that transmit high-speed video surveillance data to a command center in Camino.

Compass and elevation information from camera sites enable fire-dispatch crews to pinpoint a fire site. Vicom’s system is billed as a cheaper, high-tech alternative to lookout towers and aircraft surveillance.

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