Light Controls

Light Controls

Fix X10 Light Control Issues

light-bulb1Several light control companies are experiencing issues working with Windows 8 and Windows 10. If you are using our program and are experiencing issues with your light controls because of this please use the resource below to install a version that will fix these issues.

We suggest that you use AM466 X10 modules and the Insteon #2414 controller. You’ll need one (1) module per table and one (1) controller per room. The instructions are included in the download link below and are easy to follow, but we’re always here to help if you need or want any.

Question:  How do I install the automatic light controls?
Answer:  The light controls are simple to install.  The most important issue is that the controller and the light controls outlets are on the same phase.  Click here for lighting diagram 1, lighting diagram 2, and circuit breaker box diagram 3.

Click here for the Light Control Fix or if you are experiencing issues with your light controls.

If you need assistance installing or have questions, please contact us at 800.460.3525 domestic U.S., 724.602.5223 internationally, our contact us page or via our online support chat. We can even perform the installation for you using our online support chat.

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