2006 IPT Schedule Announced

2006 IPT Schedule AnnouncedThe International Pool Tour is proud to announce the 2006 IPT Season. The IPT is hosting six major tournaments for 2006 and over $8 million in prize money is being given away. A tour season of this magnitude has been difficult to schedule without clashing with other events. We have done everything in our power to work around other promoters’ tournaments whose schedules have been announced. However, even with our best efforts, it was impossible for us to find world class venues, with the space and number of days required, that would not conflict with some other tournaments. We have contacted all major promoters and they have been overwhelmingly cooperative and understanding with regard to tournament date clashes. They will be rescheduling tournaments so that players will be able to participate in both IPT events and other events as well. Scheduling these tournaments has been a major challenge. Each tournament requires over 60,000 sq.ft. of space to accommodate over 60 tables, player and staff green rooms, and exhibit space. We require three days move in time, seven or eight days for tournament play, and one day to break down and move out. Finding a world class venue to accommodate these requirements has been a major undertaking. However, the IPT team has secured spectacular venues that the pool world has never before seen!