2006 Philippines World Pool Championship Qualifying Tournament

2006 Philippines World Pool Championship Qualifying TournamentVenueThe venue is Star Billiards Center, a magnificent billiard establishment located in Quezon City.The address is: Joy Street, Grace Village, Quezon City. Tel: (632) 3646041 (632) 3678888. There will be 20 tables at the venue. Sixteen tables will be used for the tournament. The other four will serve as practice tables, which will be available at most times from 8am till 10pm. Due to high demand these can only be booked in 15 minute blocks and strict timing must be observed by all players.Schedule of Qualifiers A total of 10 qualifying events will be staged at the venue, spread over five days, starting from Saturday, October 28. There will be two qualifiers per day. The winner of each qualifier will enter the 128-main draw of the WPC. If more spots become available, the players who accumulate the most points from playing in the five events will take the additional spots.