ACS Encourages More Play at 2008 Nationals in Las Vegas

ACS Encourages More Play at 2008 Nationals in Las Vegas
The ACS Board of Directors has voted to give more opportunities for billiard players of all skill levels to compete and be successful at the 2008 ACS Nationals, Saturday, June 7 thru Saturday, June 14, at the Riviera Hotel Casino in Las Vegas:
Teams can compete in two events! 8-ball teams and 3-person 9-ball teams will be conducted on the same dates (June 11-14), with 8-ball teams conducted during the latter day and evening and 9-ball teams conducted during the day! Players can compete in both 8-ball and 9-ball team divisions with no scheduling conflicts!
Scotch Doubles will feature competition in 8-ball
To encourage more women’s teams, women’s 8-ball teams (both Open and Standard) will be 4-person
No Masters 8-ball team divisions in 2008 (Open 8-ball teams may have a maximum of one Master on the roster). The very successful Open and Standard team divisions will continue to give players of all skill levels a fair competition format, while supporting the skill levels of most local leagues throughout the year. Open Teams that have qualified to be upgraded to Masters Teams in the past will be able to compete in the Open Team divisions without splitting up rosters, as long as a maximum of one “Master-status” player is on the roster.
Entries in all divisions will again enjoy the popular free entry to added-money second chance divisions known as “Sportsman” divisions.
The ACS plans to again host the ESPN-televised World Summit of Pool, featuring most of the top professional 8-ball players in the world.
The ACS is a national non-profit, member-governed association that will sanction or dual-sanction any cue sport league for a $10/player annual fee, and offers accredited programs for referee and coach certification; as well as a national amateur pool tour – the McDermott All American Tour – the 2007-2008 season of which will be announced in Fall 2007. The ACS board is also comprised of appointed representatives from the other major non-profit, member-governed cue sport organizations within the United States for the purpose of aligning our efforts to eventually gain recognition to the United States Olympic Committee (USOC). You speak and an elected board of your peers listens. And YOU are part of the team! Welcoming your input helps us to continue the success.
Contact the ACS office to volunteer to serve on one of the ACS national committees.
Inquire now as to adding one (or more) of your league locations to the 2007/2008 ACS McDermott All American Tour schedule – to begin its third year in October, 2007.
ACS league members are qualified for the 2007 ACS Midwest 8-Ball Championships in Hubertus, WI, November 16-18.
Use the ACS room block at the Riviera (tel. 1-800-634-6753) and the ACS group code “EIGHT08” to reserve your players for the 2008 ACS Nationals in Las Vegas. Supporting the Riviera enables the Riviera to continue to support and host the ACS Nationals!
The ACS currently recognizes twelve affiliated state associations, with two new ones to be announced in 07-08. Get involved with assisting your existing ACS state association or contact the national ACS on how you can establish a new ACS state association in your state.