Aramith launches a new dining room concept

Aramith Launches a New Dining Room Concept
Know how to entertain
When it comes to family home entertainment, the Fusion table has exactly what it needs to create those unique memorable moments to share with friends and family. By integrating a quality pool table and a game table right in a design dining table, the Fusion concept is unique in the fact that it adds multi-functionality to the dining room.
The table shifts seamlessly from a pure design object, into a roomy get2gether dining table, transformable in seconds into a quality billiard table or a game table to accompany the after dinner drinks.
As such, the Fusion table introduces a totally new product concept that addresses the current trend of people enjoying inviting and entertaining friends at home again. In this context billiards is one of the rare games that gathers young and old, male and female, friends and neighbors.
As such, Aramith’s innovative Dining Room Concept makes inviting, lounging or cocooning at home a truly entertaining experience.
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SALUC is a Belgian manufacturer of billiard balls under the Aramith brand, distributed in more than 85 countries with a marketshare of 80 % worldwide. The company has a turnover of about 22 millions euros and employs 200 people.