Archer Getting Stronger as Surprises Pop Up In Field

Archer Getting Stronger as Surprises Pop Up In Field
Reno Open / Reno, NV

by Rick Davis
The fifth day of the Reno Open blazed through Saturday with a grinder for many players as the 32 remaining players were dwindled down to only 4 to return on Sunday.
Johnny Archer capped off an unbelievable run last night with his fourth straight 9-0 win and after defeating a few unknowns then sending Shane Van Boening to the one-loss side after a 9-5 win, Archer now is in the top 8 that will play this evening. Van Boening fought back after his loss, however, and eliminated Jose Parica double-hill. Parica had ball in hand with the score 8-7, but after getting out of line, Van Boening ran out the rack to tie the score then broke and ran to take the win. Van Boening also is in the top 8 action.
The list of players that are on their way home is ever-growing, although some of the names are a shock. Ronnie Wiseman was eliminated 9-3 by Gabe Owen, while Rafael Martinez fell victim to Edwin Montal 9-5. One of the biggest shocks has been Chucky Holyoke, a 15-year-old player who is not only still in the event but is on the winners’ side.
The final eight look like this…
Winners’ Side:
Johnny Archer vs. Carl Wilson Jr.
Chucky Holyoke vs. Mark Tadd
One-Loss Side:
Shane Van Boening vs. Justin Bergman
Edwin Montal vs. Gabe Owen
Stay tuned to InsidePOOL Magazine for the latest developments and a full run down of the events exciting conclusion Sunday evening.