BCA Pool League Sponsors Shane Van Boening

BCA Pool League Sponsors Shane Van Boening
Just days before his break-through runner-up performance at the Enjoypool.com Open in Las Vegas, South Dakota’s Shane Van Boening accepted a sponsorship agreement from the BCA Pool League (BCAPL). A week later, he won the World 10 Ball Championship.
According to BCAPL CEO Mark Griffin, “What a great start to our new partnership. We are flattered that Shane has chosen to represent the BCAPL. It’s a natural fit, since Shane and his family have such a long history of participation and success in league play”.

Shane’s grandfather, Gary Bloomberg, was instrumental in starting Shane’s career and the pool leagues in South Dakota. When Shane was a year and a half old, he watched Gary play and was mesmerized by the balls. That Christmas, Gary bought him a 2 X 4 mini pool table. At first sight of the table Shane dropped his toys, grabbed a short cue, crunched his fingers around it to make a bridge, and took a near perfect stance. Gary realized his potential, and Shane’s destiny was set in motion.
Jeanne Bloomberg is Gary’s wife and Shane’s grandmother. Her BCA league accomplishments include a 1980 3rd place singles, 1989 2nd place seniors national team champion, 1990 national team champion, a 1993 2nd place in seniors and 3rd in national teams.
Timi Bloomberg is Shane’s mother. She is the 1988 BCA national singles champion, 1989 and 1990 BCA national team champion, 1993 2nd place singles and 3rd in national team, 1994 2nd place singles 9-ball, and 1996 2nd place in singles.
Gari Jo Bloomberg is Shane’s aunt. She is a 3 time BCA national team champion, in 1989, 1990 and 1993. Gary and Jeanne were inducted in the South Dakota Hall of Fame, followed by Gari Jo and Timi. Between 1977 and 2002 these women won 21 of the 25 top honors in the state tournaments.
From 2003-2006, Shane continued to uphold the family tradition of excellence with a 2nd in open singles, a Masters singles championship, and third place finishes in both Master singles and Grand Master singles.
Only in his early 20’s, he has progressed from young prodigy to league player to national singles champion to winning the World 10 Ball Championship. We welcome Shane to the BCAPL family, and look forward to a long relationship with one of the game’s fastest rising stars.