Billiard Congress Seeks Candidates for Vacant Board of Directors Seats

Billiard Congress Seeks Candidates for Vacant Board of Directors Seats The Billiard Congress of America (BCA) announces a call for nominations for two vacant Board of Directors seats for the 2008-2009 Board year. Any member can nominate themselves or a colleague for either of these positions. Candidates for the Board seats must be current members of the BCA and qualify in the appropriate member category. The following are the open positions available on the BCA Board:• Manufacturer/Distributor Seat – Candidates must qualify as a manufacturer or distributor to apply for the Manufacturer/Distributor Seat. This means the organization the candidate represents is a licensed business entity primarily engaged in the manufacture or wholesale distribution of billiard equipment or accessories.• Room Operator Seat – Candidates must qualify as a room operator or league operator to apply for the Room Operator Seat. This means that the organizations the candidate represents must be a licensed business entity operating an establishment where billiards are played or a licensed business entity operating a billiards league or league system.According to the BCA Bylaws, the Board of Directors has authority to make interim appointments to the Board in the case of a position vacancy. The Directors appointed to fill the two vacancies shall serve until the next general election, at which time a successor Director shall be elected to fill the remaining terms of office. This means candidates successful in securing these appointments will serve only until the next general election in June of 2009. The two persons selected to fill these interim appointments can run again for office in the next general election.In order to select the best candidates, the decision will be based on the needs of the organization and the information provided by potential candidates. Each nominee will be provided a Candidate Data Form that is designed to allow candidates to tell the Board why they are the best candidate for the position at this time.The Board will make its appointment decision at the next scheduled Board meeting, August 5-6, 2008, based on the information contained on the Candidate Data Form and the needs of the BCA relative to the foreseeable strategic challenges of the industry over the next two to three years. All candidates will be contacted as to whether they have been appointed or not. Candidates unsuccessful in securing a Board appointment will be asked if they want to contribute to the organization in other ways, such as through committee participation.Candidates interested in running or those wishing to nominate a candidate should e-mail Robin Dahlen, BCA associate managing director, at ( to let the BCA know of their intentions by 5:00 p.m. EDT, Monday, July 21, 2008.Those who are nominated will receive a Candidate Data Form via e-mail no later than the next business day. The form is also available on the BCA Web site at: ( nomination should include a message stating the candidate name, title, company and complete contact information (including e-mail address) along with a message identifying the position to which the person is being nominated.The Candidate Data Form must be completed and returned by 5:00 p.m. EDT, Wednesday, July 30, 2008, in order to be considered for a position. Completed forms should be returned to Robin Dahlen, BCA associate managing director, at ( or via fax at 404.240.0998.About Billiard Congress of AmericaFounded in 1948, the Billiard Congress of America is a non-profit trade organization dedicated to growing a united, prosperous and highly regarded billiard industry through BCA leadership. The BCA seeks to enhance the success of its members and promote the game of billiards though educational, marketing and promotional efforts, annual industry trade shows, tournaments and other programs designed to encourage billiards as a lifestyle and make pool everybody’s game. For more information, visit ( or call 866.852.0999.