Cantrell Takes Amateur Billiard Stop

Cantrell Takes Amateur Billiard Stop

Viking Cue Amateur 9-Ball Tour / Huntington, WV
by Rick Davis
The Viking Amateur Tour pulled into TJ’s Billiards in Huntington, WV, for their stop September 15, where a 25-player field mixed things up until the evening brought forth a winner. After the dust settled, it was Mike Cantrell who left the field in smoke by taking the event undefeated.
On the winners’ side Cantrell faced Nick Sheppard in the hot seat match and drilled him 7-2, sealing his dominance and ushering himself to the finals. On the one-loss side Duck Moore, the defending champion, eliminated Mike Stiltner 5-3, while Justin Lazzaro knocked out Rodney Parsons by the same margin. Lazzaro kept fighting and eliminated Moore 5-3 in the quarterfinals but then met his nemesis for the event as he faced Sheppard in the semifinals. Sheppard had given Lazzaro his first loss in the event’s opening round, forcing Lazzaro to win six one-loss side matches. Once again Sheppard had his number and defeated Lazzaro 5-3, this time eliminating him from play.
With only one match to go Cantrell was eager to declare victory, and in no time he ran away with the match, defeating Sheppard 7-3 to claim the title.


Mike Cantrell

Nick Sheppard

Justin Lazzaro

Duck Moore

Rodney Parsons

Mike Stiltner