Capp Comes Back for Billiard Win

Capp Comes Back for Billiard Win
Tri-State Tour / Astoria, Queens

by Rick Davis
The Tri-State Tour held their November 10 offering at Break Bar and Billiards in Astoria, Queens, NY, where Brian Capp stunned the field with a great comeback dealing the death blow to all the top entries.
Late on the winners’ side Pablo Sanz met Mark Mallari in the hot seat match. Both players had several top finishes to their credit, and after a tooth and nail fight Sanz came through with a 7-5 win to earn a rest in the hot seat. At the same time, on the one-loss side Capp was working on his comeback mostly unnoticed to that point. After taking a fourth-round loss to Mike Harrington, Capp blew through three opponents to face Harrington again, this time in the quarterfinals. There the match tipped each way, but finally Capp slipped past 7-6 to get revenge.
Capp advanced to the semifinals where he faced Mallari in another grinder, and yet again Capp came out on top of the double-hill showdown. After eliminating three of the other top six players, Capp arrived at the finals hoping to make all the effort worthwhile. The extended race took its toll on both Capp and Sanz, and the neither could claim much of an edge, then seeing the light at the end of the tunnel Capp took the final rack to win the match 9-8 and earn a great event win.
1st Brian Capp
2nd Pablo Sanz
3rd Mark Mallari
4th Mike Harrington
5th Adalberto Nazario
Gail Glazebrook