Quick and Secure, NO Contracts

Perform transactions in a quick and efficient manner. We make chip reading (EMV), touchless, QR, GooglePay and ApplePay processing lightning quick and highly secure. We have low processing rates and can even make you processing fees 0%. Yes, FREE. Ask us about our flexible and powerful processing. We also do NOT lock you in with contracts. We can manage card processing for any business.

Meet or Beat, or FREE 0%

We “Meet or Beat” prices with our programs that match your current rates and in many cases beat them. Want to save even more on processing? How does FREE sound? That's right, 0% processing fees. This program is savings merchants thousands of dollars monthly. Just let us know you want 0% processing. The best part is that we don't lock you in with contracts and never raise your rates.

Finally, a payment processor that works for you

We are dedicated to furnish solutions based on your needs first and foremost. Our processing can work with any bank and deposit your funds into any account the next day. With FREE processing fees or our Meet or Beat rates, we can work with your bank account in a seamless manner so you can relax knowing we are managing everything.

Credit card processing is more important than ever.

With more and more transactions settled with some type of electronic transaction, it makes sense to have the most affordable and versatile solution in place. That’s why we have partnered with the largest processors and hardware manufacturers to make certain that we can integrate both cost and function into our processing. Whether you want a standalone or want to take advantage of free migration to CuetPOS, saving money and increasing your profits is critical to your business survival.
We incorporate the most advanced and secure payment devices. From touchless payments like ApplePay and GooglePay, to QR transactions, including wireless for table side checkout, we securely perform transactions in a quick and efficient manner.

Meet or Beat Prices

Pricing is usually the most looked at attribute when deciding your card processor and we know this. That’s why we “meet or beat” prices with our programs that match your current rates and in many cases beat them. We even offer programs that make your processing free by passing the costs to the customer. This is a method that is legal everywhere, but the massive savings is why so many merchants are choosing to implement into their businesses. With any of the affordable processing programs you choose, you will have a full suite of options at your finger tips so that customer checkout flows smoothly and in the manner you and your customer desire.
For questions about our processing types and hardware options, please contact us at 724-602-5223 for a no-obligation discussion. We’re also willing to discuss all of your needs.
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