Clatterbuck and Smallwood Take Shooter

Clatterbuck and Smallwood Take Shooter’s by Storm

Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour / Greensboro, NC
by InsidePOOL Staff
Shooter’s of Greensboro, NC, hosted the Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour’s events April 19-20, with an awesome turnout of 95 total competitors. The competition was strong, featuring billiard champions such as Mike Davis, Sparky Ferrell, Tony Watson, and B.J. Ussery, but Matt Clatterbuck (pictured right) was the one to walk away from it all with first place in the open division, which had 49 players.

Clatterbuck, the house pro at Blue Fox Billiards Bar Grill in Winchester, VA, won the tournament in the second set of the double-elimination finals after working his way through the top half of the bracket undefeated.
His pathway to the finals began in the top half of the bracket, where he worked through his opponents, beginning with Wesley White 9-2, Wayne Smith 9-1, Jackson Jeffreys 9-6, Watson 9-7, and Fuller 9-7. Fuller earned a rematch by besting Ferrell 9-4 in the semifinals to return to face Clatterbuck again in the final match—though Fuller took the first set 9-7, Clatterbuck triumphed in the second set 9-7.

Open Results:
1st Matt Clatterbuck
2nd Mike Fuller
3rd Sparky Ferrell
4th Mike Davis
5th Tony Watson
B.J. Ussery
7th Joey Ryan
Wade Crane
9th Scott Johnson
Jackson Jeffreys
Robert Ray
Jack Costner

The Amateur Event
The amateur event was won by Ridge Smallwood, who came through the bottom half of the bracket undefeated and won the finals in the first set 7-0 over Adam Stanton.
On his trek to the finals Smallwood bested Gina Ophardt 7-0, Bobby Strandberg 7-6, Katie Cowan 7-4, Daniel Hill 7-3, Stanley Smallwood 7-4, and Derek Leonard 7-5.

Adam Stanton earned a second-place finish by working through the top half of the bracket before he was sent to the one-loss side by Chad Pike 7-4. From there he fought back to the semifinals, where he ousted Leonard 5-4 to meet Smallwood in the final match.

Amateur Results:
1st Ridge Smallwood
2nd Adam Stanton
3rd Derek Leonard
4th Qi Liu
5th Chad Pike
Stanley Smallwood
7th Perry Hale
Daniel Wilson