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Calculate savings when you migrate your processing and/or Point of Sale to CuetPay and CuetPOS. It's hard to beat FREE. CuetPay offers FREE processing of transactions along with NO MONTHLY FEES. CuetPOS systems merchants also do NOT pay any monthly fees, technical support fees, software upgrade fees, training fees, migration fees, shipping fees, or service fees. That's right. $0. How much will you save by switching to CuetPay and CuetPOS? Need financing? Yeah, we do that too. No credit check required.
Current POS System Costs
Costs of your current POS.
Current Transaction Costs
Current Transaction Costs with your current system/processor. This will help you see transaction costs.
Current Additional Monthly POS System Costs
Additional Monthly System Costs that can be tied to your processing or not. Many POS systems charge monthly fees for various items we provide for free.
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We do not share your information with any third party. We also will not spam your email or phone. The information gathered is used solely by us and we will only contact you if you are interested in CuetPay or CuetPOS.
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