Davis Lights Up Atlantic City Billiards Club

Davis Lights Up Atlantic City Billiards ClubBlaze 9-Ball Tour / Egg Harbor, NJ

by Jose Burgos
After earning a hard-won ninth-place finish at the Turning Stone Classic IX, Mike Davis traveled to Atlantic City Billiards Club to take first place on the Blaze 9-Ball Tour. This August 19 event was held in Egg Harbor, NJ, and boasted a tough 33-player field, including world champion Ronnie Alcano, Shaun “Get Some” Wilkie, and Matt Krah.
Alcano took charge of the top half of the bracket, notching wins over Jay Jones 7-4, Adam Kielar 7-2, Gary Barnish 7-1, and Bob Maidhof 7-2. On the bottom half, Davis scorched through all opponents in his path, defeating Barry Bowman 7-1, Joey Testa 7-5, Liz Ford 7-0, and Mike Miller 7-3.
Davis met Alcano in the hot seat match and dominated the world champ, sending him to the one-loss side with a 7-5 victory. Miller was waiting for Alcano in the semifinals, and Alcano managed a comeback win to take the match 6-4. In the double-elimination finals, Alcano won the first set double-hill, but Davis took control of the last set and won 6-4 to claim the event.


Mike Davis

Ronnie Alcano

Mike Miller

Bob Maidhof

Matt Krah

Shaun Wilkie

Adam Kielar

Carl Morgan