Davis Makes Impossible Billiard Comeback

Davis Makes Impossible Billiard Comeback

Florida Pro Tour / Jacksonville, FL

by Rick Davis
The Seminole Florida Pro Tour showcased an amazing comeback by Mike Davis, who worked unbelievably hard to comeback and claim the title. Taking place at Bank Shots in Jacksonville, FL, the double-elimination 10-ball event drew in 47 amazing players for the fifth stop of the season and its first stop back after the three-month summer break.
Throughout the event on the winners’ side it looked like the one of the top pros would take over, even through they exchanged blows, sending one after another to the one-loss side. Then, as the event narrowed its field, long-time supporter, promoter, and tournament director John DiToro suddenly came alive. DiToro started with a 7-5 win over Davis and then defeated top tour regulars Richard Broumpton 7-2, Adam Wheeler 8-3, and Tony Crosby 8-4, among others. On the lower half of the chart Rafael Martinez crept his way along, and after racking up four wins of his own, it was Martinez versus DiToro in the hot seat match.
On the one-loss side Davis was on a mission. Davis took all of his day one matches ending with a double-hill win to eliminate former world champion Thorsten Hohmann. Everywhere there was a great match-up being played, but only the strongest survived, and by Sunday evening that included Davis versus Crosby and Louis Ulrich versus Neil Fujiwara, just shy of the quarterfinals. Fujiwara ousted Ulrich 8-5, while Davis continued his streak. Davis started the day by knocking out former U.S. Open champ Gabe Owen 8-7 and then sent Steve Moore home 8-6, followed by Robb Saez 8-5 and Tony Crosby 8-4. At this point Davis had single-handedly eliminated most of the favorites and certainly some of the nation’s best players.
Back on the winners’ side DiToro sent Martinez west after a double-hill showdown, while Davis lit up Fujiwara 8-1. Davis continued his unstoppable run by ousting Martinez 8-5 to reach the finals.
Facing DiToro, who defeated him in what seemed like ages ago, Davis pounded DiToro with 10 matches worth of momentum before taking the single race to 9 with a 9-2 finish. It was a spectacular finish both for Davis’ comeback and some of the best play DiToro has offered up in years. The Seminole Florida Pro Tour is known for its excitement, and with this kind of field and action, there’s no question why.

Open Results:

Mike Davis

John DiToro

Rafael Martinez

Neil Fujiwara

Tony Crosby

Louis Ulrich