Diamond Billiards Products Announces No Excuse Program

Diamond Billiards Products Announces No Excuse Program
Diamond Billiard Products has announced the No Excuse Program, a plan to get Smart Tables into locations across the country. The program was developed to increase saturation of the Smart Table into the market by offering financing for bar and poolroom owners, vendors, and operators.

“We have special financing plans for vendor/operators, bar/room owner, and league operators”, said Brian Miller Director of Sales of Diamond Billiard Products, Inc..
“There is no excuse for not playing on good equipment. Our first priority is to work through vendor/operators, as they are currently set up to work with the locations that have pool tables installed for league play. The next priority is the bar/tavern owner where the tables are being placed. If neither the vendor/operators nor bar/tavern owners are interested, then we will work with the amateur pool league operators (any league) to place tables in suitable locations.”
To learn about the details of this exciting new program:
Contact Diamond Billiard Products at (812)288-7665.