Elimination Rounds Begin, Pros Still Remain

Elimination Rounds Begin, Pros Still Remain
Reno Open / Reno, NV

by Rick Davis
Day three of the Reno Open is in full swing, and after the night concludes 54 players will have been eliminated from the four one-loss side rounds of play. Tonight’s final two rounds consist of winners’ side matches and have only begun to pit the top pros against each other.
Last night early favorites Gabe Owen and Shane Van Boening had close calls as Owen escaped from Jerry Matchin double-hill and Van Boening slipped past John Henson 9-7. Both Van Boening and Owen are alive and well on the winners’ side and play this evening. A handful of other top-notch shooters playing matches this evening includes Jose Parica, Johnny Archer, and Ernesto Dominguez.
Not everyone is having a cakewalk, though, as tonight starts to match up the top players. Louis Ulrich faces Tyler Edey, while Mike Davis plays Justin Bergman, both in the mid-evening round, while Rafael Martinez faces Ronnie Wiseman in the night’s final round.
Tomorrow night’s rounds will offer spectacular matches as all the remaining players fight for the prize fund and the money rounds start to show in the evening. The 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. rounds tomorrow will feature eight winners’ side and one-loss side matches in each round, while the final 10 p.m. round is the last stand for many with sixteen one-loss side matches.
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