Billiard and POS Software FAQs

Here’s a list of frequently asked questions to save time.  Keep in mind that some questions may pertain to Billiard Business Solutions and Sales Tracker, while others pertain to CuetPOS.  We have discontinued development of Billiard Business Solutions and Sales Tracker, but both programs are available for purchase if you choose.  Please note that only CuetPOS will be updated in the future.

If you cannot find the answer to your question, please contact us at 800-460-3525 for U.S. and 724-602-5223 internationally or visit our video tutorials available at our “Support” page.

Pre-Sale Questions

Question: Why do I need a program that has both POS and time/rental management in one instead of a POS and a separate rental program?
Answer: This is the most important question and the list of answers is long.  First, you will increase profits (as much as 30-40% higher) because customers will not be forced to pay for a rental in the middle of their visit, thus making it the end of their visit.  Also, human error, inconvenience for your customers, and employee shrinkage are drastically decreased.  In short, both you and your customers will be happier.

Question: Which program is the newer program, CuetPOS or Billiard Business Solutions and Sales Tracker?
Answer: CuetPOS is the newer of the programs, and is highly recommended.  It performs 80 functions that BBS/Sales Tracker do not perform.

Question: Can we download a demo of CuetPOS?
Answer: The get a demo of CuetPOS, please conotact us at 724-602-5223.

Question: Is technical support free for all of your programs?
Answer: Yes, purchasing CuetPOS or a Billiard Business Solutions/Sales Tracker system qualifies you for lifetime free technical support.

Question: Are upgrades free?
Answer: Yes, purchasing CuetPOS or a Billiard Business Solutions/Sales Tracker system qualifies you for lifetime free upgrades.

Question: Do your systems come with a warranty?
Answer: Yes, our systems comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.  Extended warranties are available.

Question: There’s a feature that we would like that we cannot locate in your software.  Can you add it for us?  Is there a charge for this service?
Answer: Chances are that the feature does exist, as we have been developing our software for decades and adding features that many business owners request.  If the feature is one that could benefit our overall product, we will gladly perform the coding at no cost.

Question: I had a system from Dolphin and another from Memosys and they have crashed. Can your system replace these systems?
Answer: Yes, easily and then some. Our software and systems perform over 150 functions for operating businesses with time management and/or POS needs like pool rooms with bars and restaurants. Owners and managers worldwide recognize our advanced technology and are partnering with us to replace old out-of-date systems like Dolphin, Memosys, Time Magic, Pool House Manager, and Micrologic.

Question: How do I install on Windows 7/Vista/Windows 8/ or up to Windows 10?
Answer Instructions for installation on Windows 7/Vista/Windows 8/Windows 10:

To install Billiard Business Solutions and Sales Tracker on Windows 7/Vista/Windows 8 please follow the instructions carefully when prompted by the installer.

1. Run the BBSSetup.exe file provided for the installation of the program. In the menu called Other choose Explore Installation Folder.

2. Find the ahscript_setup.exe file. Right click on the file and set it to run in Windows XP SP2 compatibility mode. If using Windows 7, this may be under just compatibility mode. In Windows 7/8 you should be able to see a check box allowing the program to run as Administrator. Make sure that this box is checked. Right click on the file again after doing this and choose to run the file as Administrator. Or just click open in Windows 7/8, if you have checked the box to run as Administrator.

3. This file must be installed first before installing the the main program.

4. Also, follow the same procedure for installing the Microsoft Data Access Components. Find the MDAC_TYP.exe file in the same folder setting the file to XP Compatibility mode and then running it as Administrator. Or make sure to check the box to enable it to run as Administrator in Windows 7/8.

5. In the installer you should see a menu called Other. Click on that menu and choose the option to Update Billiard Business Solutions. This should install the main program.

6. If you still see error messages when running the Billiards program, restart the computer and rerun the BBSSetup.exe program. Choose the Other menu and then the Update Billiard Business Solutions menu. Please call (724-602-5223) for help, if you have problems. Will be glad to walk you through the installation.

Question: Can I add sales to a table?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Do I have to order a copy of the software for each machine that I operate in my business?
Answer:  Yes.

Question:  Is the Billiard Business Solutions/Sales Tracker demo limited in any way?
Answer: No.

Question: What happens if I allow the Billiard Business Solutions/Sales Tracker demo to run out.
Answer: Your computer blows up. Not, not really. The programs simply will ask you if you’d like to register when you open them. To order, phone us or follow the registration links.

Question:  Do I need any special hardware?
Answer: You’ll need either an All-in-One POS station, or one of our POS stations, or a self made POS station. If making a self made station, you’ll need a computer, a POS printer, a cash drawer, and light controls if you plan on using them.

Question:  How do I install the automatic light controls?
Answer:  The light controls are simple to install.  The most important issue is that the controller and the light controls outlets are on the same phase.  Click here for lighting diagram 1, lighting diagram 2, and circuit breaker box diagram 3.

Click here for the Light Control Fix or if you are experiencing issues with your light controls.

Question: Do I have to uninstall and reinstall the program to have a real version if I installed the demo version?
Answer: No, simply enter the registration code and your program will be activated without uninstalling.

Question: Do I have to install both programs?
Answer: No, you can install either or both.

Question: Do you offer any type of training?
Answer: Yes, we offer, training classes, instruction manuals, and video tutorials.

Question: Does the software operate with touch screen?
Answer: Yes.  Both CuetPOS and BBS/Sales Tracker are designed to work with a touchscreen.

Question: Can I switch computers?
Answer: Yes, but in certain cases, you may need to purchase the Silver Support Package, here.

Question: Does the software process credit cards?
Answer: Yes. We have partner with a top processor to offer our users the lowest rate on processing. If you want to know how we do this, ask one of our representatives at 800-460-3525 in the U.S. and 724-602-5223 internationally.

Question: I’m trying to install on an XP computer running Service Pack 3 (SP3) and I get an error saying that the MSVBVM60.dll is missing. What do I do?
Answer: Simple. Go to Microsoft web site and download the file. There are simple instructions on that page but basically download it to a folder and run the program. Afterwards, try to install BBS and all will be fine. If the file is not available, please download it from our web site, here.