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February 2010 Issue of Inside POOL Magazine Available for Free Download

Dennis Hatch Powers USA Team to Mosconi Cup Glory

Dennis Hatch on Inside POOL Magazine coverThe February issue of Inside POOL Magazine, which again features Dennis Hatch on the cover as Team USA wins the Mosconi Cup at the MGM Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV, has been made available for free download at InsidePOOLmag.com. This month the download features new technology in online billiards magazine viewing such as enhanced clarity, full-screen full length videos, links to favorite web sites, flipping pages, zooming, emailing, sharing, and printing.

Mosconi Cup MVP Dennis Hatch celebrates on our front cover as he and the American team dominate the Mosconi Cup. Efren Reyes and Rubilen Amit bag the Mixed Doubles Classic event in Quezon City, Manilla, Philippines. Mika Immonen and Jasmin Ouschan are named as the winners of the Inside POOL Magazine Player of the Year titles. Johnny Archer wins the Turning Stone Classic XIV. Visit custom cue maker Mike Bender and see some of his creations. Learn Some random pool shots from Grady Mathews. Get a spin lesson from Tom Simpson. Bob Henning gives pool players a lesson on muscle memory. Learn ten head and eye secrets from Matt Sherman. The Billiard Education Foundation announces scholarship opportunities for high school students. Get the latest billiard news from pool tournaments around the U.S. and internationally.

Hatch was named the MVP of the Mosconi Cup.

Hatch was named the MVP of the Mosconi Cup.

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