Galveston World Classic Announces Live Chat Tonight

Taylor Road Productions, promoters of the highly anticipated Galveston World Classic, have announced a live chat session to be hosted at on Thursday July, 2, 2009 at 8 pm EST, 7 pm CST. The live chat has been scheduled in order for the promoters, Bobby Rone and Louie Vickio, to deliver information to players that would like to find out more about the upcoming billiard event.

The Galveston World Classic takes place September 11-20, 2009 at Moody Gardens in Galveston, Texas and boasts a total prize fund that could exceed $900,000 USD.   Several players that are already committed to play are Efren Reyes, Francisco Bustamante, Earl Strickland, Jeremy Jones, Charlie Bryant, Gabe Owen, Johnny Archer and Nick Varner.  The Galveston World Classic includes ten events that feature men and women professionals in addition to team and single amateur events.

“We understand that our web site was in need of more information and we have updated it to the best of our knowledge but there may be even more information that we need to discuss with players, team captains, forum posters, and companies that might be interested in participating in some way at the Galveston World Classic.”, said Bobby Rone.

Bustamante (pictured), Varner, Archer, Strickland, Jones, Owen, Bryant and Reyes are confirmed players at the Galveston World Classic event.

Bustamante (pictured), Varner, Archer, Strickland, Jones, Owen, Bryant and Reyes are confirmed players at the Galveston World Classic event.

Louie Vickio said, “We are answering a lot of questions on our web site every day and there’s a ton of interest from everybody we speak to, but we felt that this would be a good way to have an interactive web chat that we could document and use to address concerns of potential players and spectators. We see this live chat as a way for everybody to get to know us better and see what we and the Galveston World Classic are all about and the direction that we wish to go.”

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The Galveston World Classic has also installed a forum in order for users to interact with the promoters and each other. The combination of the live chat with the new forums is designed to heighten interactivity and build a positive response for the upcoming billiard event. For more information, visit The World Classic.

About Taylor Road Productions
Taylor Road Productions is the producer and promoter of the Galveston World Classic. The vision of the company is to produce pool and billiard events that promote the sport to a new level by large cash prizes, televised events and high profile events for all to experience. The company web site is The World Classic.