Giving word to the search

From ads placed by women seeking men.

This Valentine’s Day, like every Valentine’s Day, thousands of Sacramento singles are looking for a lifelong love … or a one-night stand … or something in between.

Photos at right: The Bee compiled a few word clouds – visual representation of the most popular words on a Web site – from Sacramento craigslist personal ads during multiple days a few weeks shy of Valentine’s Day.

We’ve left blank spots in the clouds for naughty words. The bigger and bolder the word, the more often it is used in local craigslist personals.

If you want a little help in the dating game, we’ve got some expert coaches for you. Jeannine and Keith Kaiser, authors of “Cupid’s Playbook,” will be online at at 11:30 a.m. Wednesday to chat with you.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

– Phillip Reese

From ads placed by men seeking women.

From ads by men seeking men.

From ads by women seeking women.