Hill-Hill Thrillers Punctuate Viking National Championships

Hill-Hill Thrillers Punctuate Viking National Championshipsby InsidePOOL StaffViking Tour Championship photo gallery (/pool_billiard_photos/index.php?cat=19)Last night’s ring game crowned Shane Van Boening the winner over John Schmidt, Corey Deuel, Larry Nevel, and Tony Crosby. The entry fee was $500 per man, with each player receiving 10 chips. Every 10 minutes saw the bet increase until players began slowly dropping out. Down to three players after a couple of hours, twice Deuel rattled the 9 ball and left the next player, Schmidt, hooked behind the 10 ball. Unable to pocket the 9, Schmidt ended up helplessly handing two racks to Van Boening, which caused a major turnaround in the game’s finances.