Ice Man Cometh to You Online

Ice Man Cometh to You Online
Mika Immonen Launches New Blog

Fans of Finnish billiard professional Mika Immonen can now hear straight from the Ice Man’s cool fingertips as he recounts his latest triumphs (and tragedies) in his pool career. Fans will enjoy the personable accounts of the former World 9-Ball Champion. People may read his blog at (

I believe all players can learn something from Mika’s blog as he writes about his own experiences. In my opinion he is a very modern player. I follow his blog myself, so I suppose you can say I’m a Mika fan. says 2-time World Champion Thorsten Hohmann.
Mika is an ultra consistent player. He is always right there at the end of a tournament. He’s the kind of guy you want to fight for your life on a pool table. says Rodney Morris, Former US Open Champion.

He comes with more tough clutch shots than any other European I’ve ever seen. comments Johnny Archer, #1 Ranked in the USA.

Mika Immonen is known for his tremendous offense, banking,kicking and all around game that has made him one of the most consistent and most feared players in the world today. Immonen has won the World 9-Ball Championship, European Straight Pool Championship, Korea Pro Tour Championship, US Pro Tour Championship, Philippines 9-Ball Open, and UPA Atlanta Open back to back times among countless other wins. Immonen was voted 5th Best Player in the World’s Top 100 Players of 2006 , a poll taken only by professional players. Mika has shown his warmer side in charitable causes such as the Boys Girls Club of America and Police Athletic League(PAL) . Immonen is sponsored by Mezz Cues, Cafe Puro and managed by Dragon Promotions. (