Jeanette Lee and Semih Sayginer are the King and Queen of Carom Billiards

Jeanette Lee and Semih Sayginer are the King and Queen of Carom Billiards

In the finals of the Queen of Carom billiards, USA unexpectedly found itself in the spotlight through Monica Webb against Korean American Jeanette Lee. The event held at the Novotel in Seoul, Korea drew many Korean fans in the country where carom thrives the most with an estimated fifty percent of the population carom billiard and pool players.
Lee won the lag and proceeded to run a 4 points off the bat. That would dictate the match as Webb could only make one point at a time and the two ladies traded points. Webb had looked dominant and strong in her previous matches but Lee seemed deadset to represent her Korean heritage in carom.
I’m going to win one of these events here in Korea…I promise. said a determined Black Widow.

Lee won the match with a controlled 7-4 win to be crowned carom’s first Queen.

In the King of Carom side, red hot Korean 9-Ball and 3 Cushion player Shin Young Park was holding his own against Turkey’s Semih Sayginer. Park led the match at 3-0, 4-1, and then 5-4 in the first quarter of the match. Semih seemed to struggle finding his game, as he did in his first two matches he won.

And then lightning struck on Mr. Magic, as he is known in the carom world, and he turned the heat up all the way up. Sayginer made 11 consecutive points coming from 5-4 down to completing the match 15-5 for the win. The Koreans gave Semih a loud ovation on his terrific play.

That guy is unbelievable. Charlie(Williams) , Mika, Danny and myself been watching him in his matches and we always predict on what way he will go to make the point…and we’re always wrong. He just sees things that we don’t. said an awed Rodney Morris.

I finally played a good match. I’m glad to not only have won, but going out in style. said the charismatic Sayginer.

After the match a special TV show program included Yu Ram Cha, Shanelle Loraine, and Semih Sayginer. Sayginer coached the young ladies earlier on some trickshots and they performed them quite well when the TV lights came on. Then the master brought out some of his best shots in his repertoire and Mr. Magic wowed the audiences further. The finale came when Cha and Loraine teamed up against Sayginer in a race to 3 points where the girls could shark Semih and distract his every shot. The lag was won by the ladies afater Cha pulled on his stroke. Next Loraine was seen dangling over the table sharking Semih with her beautiful looks. Before the girls could distract him again Semih ran and fired a one-stroke shot and made a 4 cusion billiard. At 2-2, the ladies got him one more time and Cha made the winning point . It was a great show filled with laughter for the audience and came in as one of the highest rating shows of the day in Korea.

We are thrilled with the ratings for XTM, said CJ Media Vice President Peter Kim. We’ve made some record breaking ratings here and Dragon Promotions has made a fantastic event making 3Cushion highly entertaining for the viewers. XTM is looking forward to the future events they will be producing for our networks.

XTM is a total entertainment network airing movies, comedies, and sports shows in South Korea.