Johnson and Moses Tops in Clinton

Johnson and Moses Tops in Clinton
Pechauer All-American Tour / Clinton, IA

by InsidePOOL Staff
Josh Johnson double-dipped Jeff Clark to take top honors at the January 18-20 Pechauer All-American Tour event, while Rhonda Moses took off the women’s division. Hosted by Lassiters in Clinton, IA, this $1,220-added tournament drew 36 men and 12 women, all competing in a double-elimination 8-ball format on 7-foot bar boxes.
In the men’s division, Clark ran undefeated to the finals. In the hot seat match, Clark stroked past Johnson 5-3. Earlier, in the A-bracket semifinals, Clark outpointed Jon Kucharo 5-3, while Johnson ran past Shannon Rasmussen 8-4. In the B-side last eight, Kale Enabnitt toppled Gil Hernandez 6-4, while Jesse Bowman ousted Phil Fulsang 8-2. Fulsang and Hernandez ended up in seventh place. In the quarterfinals, Rasmussen eliminated Enabnitt 6-1, while Bowman walked over Kucharo 8-0, with Enabnitt and Kucharo taking fifth. In the next round, Rasmussen ousted Bowman at fourth place 6-4, but Rasmussen was in turn eliminated at third place by Johnson 8-3. The finals featured Johnson versus Clark, with Johnson having to win two sets to claim the title. Johnson was up to the task, as he dominated both sets 8-2 and 8-3 to claim the event championship.

The women’s division witnessed Rhonda Moses marching to the hot seat with a 4-2 win over Dea Mills in the A-side finals. In the previous A-side round, Moses defeated Michelle Medd, while Mills clipped Janey Finn. In the B-side quarterfinals, Kathy Christiansen eliminated Janey Finn, and Barb Hamilton ousted Medd. Christiansen then knocked Hamilton into fourth place. Christiansen kept her hot hand in the B-side finals by knocking off Mills. The title match went to one set, as Moses claimed a 4-3 victory over Christiansen.

Men’s Results:
1st Josh Johnson
2nd Jeff Clark
3rd Shannon Rasmussen
4th Jesse Bowman
5th Kale Enabnitt
Jon Kucharo
7th Phil Fulsang
Gil Hernandez

Women’s Results:
1st Rhonda Moses
2nd Kathy Christiansen
3rd Dea Mills
4th Barb Hamilton