Lanuto is Tops on Tri-State Tour

Lanuto is Tops on Tri-State Tour
Tri-State Tour / Edison, NJ

by Rick Davis
The Tri-State Tour had their latest offering at Edison Billiards 153 in Edison, NJ, where Sal Lanuo chopped a path through the chart to claim the title. Taking place August 25, a 25-player field threw their hat into the ring, although all would be lambs to the slaughter as Lanuto chalked up another win.
Late on the winners’ side Lanuto faced Gary Murgia in the hot seat match, where Lanuto slipped by 8-7. Then, on the one-loss side, Ed Medina ousted Lenny Knapp 7-4, while Jason Blanchard did the same to Dave Fitzpatrick double-hill. Blanchard, who had taken his loss from Lanuto in the second round, was quickly finding his gear and attempting to avenge that loss. Blanchard eliminated Medina 7-4 in the quarterfinals then knocked out Murgia 7-5 in the semifinals.
Finally, Blanchard had his chance at a rematch after fighting his way to face Lanuto in the finals. Lanuto, however, had a different plan and continued his strong play, defeating Blanchard 6-4 to claim the event.
1st Sal Lanuto
2nd Jason Blanchard
3rd Gary Murgia
4th Ed Medina
5th Dave Fitzpatrick
Lenny Knapp