Lopsided Billiard Matches Dominate the Florida Pro Tour

Lopsided Billiard Matches Dominate the Florida Pro Tourby Rick DavisAfter a summer break the Florida Pro Tour resumed play for their sixth tour stop at Victory Billiards in West Palm Beach, FL, during the October 7 weekend. The $8,000-added 10-ball event drew in a 54-player field, many of whom had traveled directly from the U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships.Opening the event, Butch Croft and Earl Strickland each shut out their opponents 7-0, while Rodney Morris was defeated by Ron Wiseman. Croft and Strickland will each return for play on Sunday, having reached the top 16. None of their opponents could accumulate more than five racks. The test will come tomorrow as they face each other in the opening round. Usually very animated, Strickland was quiet and worn out. He commented,