Lykins Locks Down Stroker

Lykins Locks Down Stroker’s

KBP Lucasi Amateur 9-Ball Tour / Palm Harbor, FL
by Rick Davis
Billiard News – Brett Lykins came back to take first place over Jim Sandaler at the July 7-8 stop of the KBP Lucasi Amateur 9-Ball Tour. Hosted by Stroker’s Billiards in Palm Harbor, FL, this stop saw a talented field vying for the top spot.
Late action on the winners’ side saw Jim Sandaler destroy Bob Eaton 9-1, while Lykins saw the axe fall on him as tour regular Jason Richko slipped past double-hill. That set up the hot seat match between Sandaler and Richko, where another double-hill showdown unfolded, although this time Richko was at the other end as Sandaler defeated him to move towards the finals while Richko went west.
On the one-loss side players tried to make a final surge to the finish line. Josh Lewis eliminated Jake Cox, while Luther Blades ousted Paul Smith, known as “Little Louie” on tour. Both Lewis and Blades were stopped in the next round as Eaton knocked out Lewis and Lykins eliminated Blades, both matches going 7-5.
Yet another nail-biter was offered in the quarterfinals as the score crept to double-hill again, although this time Eaton scratched on the 8, giving the match to Lykins, who escaped to the semifinals. Lykins quickly caught a gear, drilling Richko 7-1 in the semifinals and getting revenge from his earlier loss. He then moved to the waiting Sandaler in the finals. With a single race to 11, the finals steadily gained speed until Lykins assumed the lead and bolted to an 11-8 finish to secure a great comeback and claim top honors.
1st Brett Lykins
2nd Jim Sandaler
3rd Jason Richko
4th Bob Eaton
5th Josh Lewis
Luther Blades
7th Paul Smith
Jake Cox