Marr Mauls OB Cues Ladies’ Field

Marr Mauls OB Cues Ladies’ Field
OB Cues Ladies’ 9-Ball Tour / Arlington, TX

by InsidePOOL Staff

The OB Cues Ladies’ 9-Ball Tour held its seventh stop of the 2009 season at Rusty’s Billiards in Arlington, TX, the weekend of October 24-25. Forty-one players arrived on Saturday morning to compete in the $2,000-added event, with Lisa Marr going all the way through to the finish.

After late play on Saturday night, only 8 ladies returned in the main event on Sunday morning. On the winners’ side matches, Amanda Lampert defeated Melinda Bailey, while Marr bested defeated Deanna Henson. Finishing in seventh were Cristina De La Garza and Kim Pierce, both out of Austin, TX, while local area players Melinda Bailey and Ashley Nandrasy finished in a fifth-place tie. Henson finished fourth, while Orietta Strickland moved up one spot from her last event to capture third place.

For the hot seat match, Marr sent Lampert to the west side of the bracket 7-3, which she captured over Strickland to earn a rematch. Marr was trying to avoid a repeat of the last stop, when Lampert took the win against her in a two-set finals. Marr managed to stay in control and won by a margin of 7-4. With this win, she not only took home $750 for her efforts, but she also clenched the tour champion spot for the second year in a row.

In the second chance event, 21 players competed on Sunday morning. Tara Williams took the top honors, finishing just after the main event. Michelle Cortez finished second, while Borana Andoni finished third.

From left to right: Marr, Strickland, and Lampert

From left to right: Marr, Strickland, and Lampert

1st Lisa Marr $750
2nd Amanda Lampert $550
3rd Orietta Strickland $400
4th Deanna Henson $265
5th Melinda Bailey $150
Ashley Nandrasy
7th Cristina De La Garza $100
Kim Pierce
9th Monica Anderson $70
Tara Williams
Borana Andoni
Christy Powell
13th Nancy French $50
Julie Comitini
Michelle Cortez
Shirley Fields