McMahon Earns Tiger Canadian Women

McMahon Earns Tiger Canadian Women’s Pool Tour Win
Tiger Canadian Women’s Pool Tour / Mississauga, ONT
by Carolina Fernandez
Anita McMahon turned the tables on Rachael Abbink to win the Tiger Canadian Women’s Pool Tour’s August 11-12 event. Hosted by The Wooden Rack, in Mississauga, Ontario, this stop had 28 women pocket billiards players vying for first-place honors.
Sunday came down to eight strong players remaining. McMahon was on fire, taking out both Susan Wipper 7-5 and Naomi Williams 7-4, sending them to the west side of the chart. The field was growing smaller there, though, as a determined Abbink bested Denise Belanger 7-2, Marina Linguerri 7-6, and Wipper 7-4.
In the semifinals, Abbink took on the tour’s top point player, Williams. Abbink held a 5-2 lead, and with the alternate-break format, it didn’t look as if Williams would get many more chances. But Williams staged a comeback to make it a hill-hill thriller. Abbink broke and played safe, and when Williams missed her jump shot attempt, Abbink took ball in hand to run out the rack.
In the double-elimination finals, Abbink was in her groove, taking full control to win the first match by a strong 7-1 score. The second set was a whole other story, though—with a couple of early combos on the 9 ball and a run-out, McMahon reached the hill 6-3. Abbink was only able to take one more rack before McMahon won the match 7-4.
1st Anita McMahon
2nd Rachael Abbink
3rd Naomi Williams
4th Susan Wipper
5th Marina Linguerri
Corrine Johnson
7th Denise Belanger
Janet Ritcey