Music City Open Down to Final 16

Music City Open Down to Final 16
By Michael Basha
Play continued through Saturday in Nashville at the Music City Open until only 16 players were left with an invitation to Sunday. Johnny Archer suffered his first loss to Tennessee state champion Josh O’Neal 11-4, and he had no chance to recover before Jonathan Pinegar finished the job, relegating Archer to the bleachers by way of an 11-8 scoreline. Early favorite Shane Van Boening stormed out of the gate in his match with Cliff Joyner, launching an offensive barrage and stringing rack after rack to jump to a 5-0 lead. Van Boening was unable to retain the lead, though, after a series of unfortunate scratches allowed Cliff Joyner to claw his way back into the match to steal the set away 11-7.
Alex “The Lion” Pagulayan took on Shannon “The Cannon” Daulton in his first match of the day, and the two combatants kept it close throughout the match to a 10-8 score in favor of Daulton. Pagulayan played a masterful carom off the 1 ball to make the 7 ball in route to a break and run to get within one game of Daulton, but a scratch on his next break allowed Daulton the opportunity he needed to finish out the match 11-9.
Jose Parica had a little bit of trouble to deal with in his match with Sparky Ferrell, but he held fast and dismissed Ferrell 11-7 to stay on the winners’ side. On the other end of the spectrum, Chris Bartram shattered Lee Uhls 11-3, and Tommy D’Alfonso dismantled Chad Vilmont 11-2. Detroit’s Ronnie Wiseman constructed a skillful 11-5 triumph over Darin Brewer, and Jeremy Hart defeated Kendal Koch on the hill to stay on the east side of the bracket as well.
Sunday’s match ups on the winner’s side will be Shannon Daulton vs. Tommy D’Alfonso, Jeremy Hart vs. Chris Bartram, Josh O’Neal vs. Jose Parica, and Cliff Joyner vs. Ronnie Wiseman. On the one loss side Alex Pagulayan will take on Brian Jones, Shane Van Boening will play Rafael Martinez, Tony Fargo will be pitted against Gabe Appollas, and Jonathan Pinegar will face Sparky Ferrell.

The women’s 9-ball event completed rounds two and three Saturday, leaving only eight women left to come back and compete Sunday. On the winners’ side Sarah Rousey will face Jennifer Livingston, while Kristen Robinson takes on Amy Williams. On the one-loss side Connie Rim will play Mary Marilla, and Samantha Patton will play Grace Nakamura.