Ouschan Sweeps Pacific Coast Classic

Ouschan Sweeps Pacific Coast Classic
WPBA Pacific Coast Classic / Lincoln City, OR

by InsidePOOL Staff

Jasmin Ouschan captured her second WPBA title of the season, winning the Pacific Coast Classic over Xiaoting Pan in the finals at the Chinook Winds Resort Casino in Lincoln City, OR. The 64-player event began Thursday and wound down Sunday, October 18.

Ouschan first had to conquer veteran player Allison Fisher in the first semifinal match. Fisher, who is being inducted into the Billiard Congress of America’s Hall of Fame this week at the U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships in Chesapeake, VA, has not won a WPBA event since the Great Lakes Classic in 2008. But it was Ouschan who took first blood when Fisher rattled a 7 ball, and the score seesawed to 3 apiece with excellent play from both. A safety battle led to Ouschan taking the 4-3 lead, and then a tough 3-9 combination gave the Austrian a two-rack lead. When Fisher snookered herself on the 3 ball in the following game, she kicked out of it but left Ouschan an out, and she took the hill. But a bank shot that went in easily for Fisher saw her run that rack, making the score 6-4. However, Fisher left herself tricky position on the 4, and she missed, leaving Ouschan an easy out to advance to the finals 7-4.

Xiaoting Pan had a tough fight on her hands with Karen Corr in the second semifinals. Corr kept the match close all the way to 4-all, at which point Pan broke and ran out to get another step closer to the finish. Corr came up empty on her following break, but Pan missed the 1 ball. Corr was running out and was down on the 6 ball when an audience member’s cell phone rang, and she opted to shoot and then missed the ball. Pan cleared the table to reach the hill. Corr was able to draw within a game in the next when Pan rattled the 5 ball, but when Pan lucked in two object balls in the next rack, it was all over, as Pan was able to pocket the 3-9 combination to win 7-5.

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Now primed for success, Ouschan and Pan met in the final match. Pan broke and ran the first rack, but she missed a 2-4 combo in the next rack after an empty break by Ouschan, and the Austrian cleared to even the score. The match followed in that manner, with each player taking an inning at the table, and the score soon came to rest at 4 apiece. Ouschan took the lead 5-4 when Pan missed the 2 ball, but she came up empty on her following break. After several innings at the table, Pan went for an odd 2-9 carom and made it to knot the score again. Ouschan was forced to bank the 8 ball and missed but left Pan a long, one-rail kick shot, which she hit but left in perfect position for Ouschan, who made it and the 9 to reach the hill. Ouschan broke in the final game and made a ball but missed the 2, and Pan was back at the table. Pan made the 2 with no problems with position on the 4 ball, but she missed it, leaving a dead combination on the 9 ball. Ouschan was able to line up the shot perfectly and make it to collect her second WPBA Tour win of the season.

Ouschan captured her second WPBA title of the season, winning the Pacific Coast Classic.

Ouschan captured her second WPBA title of the season, winning the Pacific Coast Classic.

1st Jasmin Ouschan
2nd Xiaoting Pan
3rd Allison Fisher
Karen Corr
5th Gerda Hofstatter
Jennifer Chen
Ga Young Kim
Line Kjorsvik
9th Dawn Hopkins
Kim Shaw
Megan Smith
Kelly Fisher
Vivian Villareal
Iris Ranola
Sarah Rousey
Eleanor Callado