Pagulayan Makes Another Comeback

Pagulayan Makes Another Comeback
by Samm Diep
Same story, different game. An overjoyed Alex “The Lion” Pagulayan, self-admitted “slow starter,” comes back again. This time the format was a three-day, winner-takes-all, race-to-100 showdown in the (TAR) pit.
After more than 23 hours of billiards, Pagulayan proved his late-blooming style is exactly what it took to conquer multiple trophy holder “The South Dakota Kid,” Shane Van Boening.
Pagulayan was down at the end of the first two days 30 to 24, then 70 to 63. He was never ahead in the match until the score reached 93 to 92 Tuesday evening.
Neither player had missed a ball for hours, giving the packed room a rivalry they’ll be talking about for years.
Ultimately, it was apparent that the momentum had shifted. Van Boening attempted to regain his lead, but some fatal errors in the end cost him the century mark. When asked if there would be a rematch: “You can count on it!”
Final score: Pagulayan – 100, Van Boening – 94
Stake: $10,000 each