CuetPOS Quadruple Duty Cards

One Card Fits all
CuetPOS can manage gift cards, employee login cards, and membership, cards, and loyalty/rewards cards. The remarkable thing is they can be the same card. That's right. We said what we said. No need for you not to have the capabilities in one card any longer. CuetPOS even handles all of your membership monthly recurring charges to your customers.

The best part? There's no monthly fees. No third party that increase your costs to do business. CuetPOS has an impressive suite of membership, gift card, loyalty, and employee features that make this process an incredible tool for your business.

The CuetPOS Quadruple Duty Cards are custom printed with your graphics, your business information, and even all of your social media information. The cards are high quality and your customers will recognize the extra effort your business has made to be cutting edge. The cards are rechargeable and will increase your profits almost instantaneously.

With gift cards, the national average of unclaimed funds is 18%. That's $18 out of every $100 that your business may never have to claim.

Gift Cards

Why pay a hefty monthly fee to have some third party manage your gift cards? With the national average being 18% unclaimed, your business can claim profits now with the chance that 18% never needing a product or service.

Membership & Loyalty/Rewards Cards

Membership has its privileges. Your business needs regulars, and rewards loyalty is important to customers. Every business owner knows this. Your business can set up recurring membership costs, monthly passes, and track your customer loyalty points for rewards. All at the same time.

Employee Login Cards

Nothing quite can replace an employee login card when it comes to security and speed. With our cards, you'll never have to worry about security and your employees will never have to worry about speed. Your customers will love the results.

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