Schmidt Slams Owen in Billiards

Schmidt Slams Owen in BilliardsSchmidt and Luat to Play in U.S. Open Finalsby Rick DavisThe semi-final battle between John Schmidt and Gabe Owen got underway at 3 p.m. Sunday afternoon to see who would meet Luat in the finals. Schmidt got off to an impressive start taking advantage of every opportunity to claim a 5-0 lead. Safety battles ensued as each took their turn with kicks and a couple scratches which helped Owen step into the match with a 4-7 deficit. Owen scratched on the break allowing Schmidt to run out that rack and the next but then missed the one ball to give away a rack to Owen. Behind 5-9, Owen dry broke leaving Schmidt to run out and reach the hill and then a final break and run claimed the match for Schmidt. Owen walked away with third place and commented,