Seating Change at U.S. Open 9-Ball

Seating Change at U.S. Open 9-Ball

Barry Behrman is please to announce a dynamic change in the seating plan for the U.S. Open 9-Ball Championship that will give the VIP ticket holders an elevated unobstructed view of all the tournament action.

The main seating section that runs the length of the tournament room will be moved in five feet, eliminating the main walkway that has traditionally become a distraction for the front row VIP spectators and players. This seating section, known as the Capone Cue Section will have a rear entry similar to the Josey Cue Section that was moved in for the 2006 event.

“Our VIPs deserve the best seats and by moving the risers in, they will get the best view of the best pool anywhere,” says Behrman. “The players will also love it because they won’t be bothered by the constant traffic back and forth along that main isle. VIP ticket holders from the 30 yard line to the 30 yard line will be sitting right on top of the action like never before.”

All sixteen Diamond tables of the tournament will now be enclosed within the spectator seating creating more of a stadium appearance, with rear entry on both sides.

The feature table will once again sit within the Chalk-Off Arena at center court under the TV lights of Billiard Club network.

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