Stroud Elected to Academy of American Cue Art President

Stroud Elected to Academy of American Cue Art President
The Academy of American Cue Art (AACA), a nonprofit organization dedicated to the promotion of billiard cues as a legitimate art form, has selected well-known cue maker Bill Stroud as its new president.
The Academy has also appointed new board members Dick Abbott, Tony Martino, and Will Prout. All are longtime supporters of billiard cues and cue-collecting as well as successful businessmen. Their combined experience will be invaluable to the Academy.
Under this new leadership the Academy has started an ambitious program that includes a certified cue appraiser, a cue museum, a cue-buying guide, and a new website.
The cue museum will debut with a traveling exhibit at the Billiard Congress of America (BCA) Expo in Charlotte, NC, in June 2008. Display space is being provided for the exhibition by the BCA. Included in this exhibit will be some of the most expensive and interesting billiard cues ever made.
The Academy of American Cue Art is also taking over the planning for the International Cue Collectors Show. This show has been the premier showcase for high-end billiard cues for the last six years. The Academy is now studying various locations, including Denver and Kansas City, as possible venues for next year’s show.
For more information about the Academy of American Cue Art, please contact Bill Stroud at (505) 378-5677 or visit