Switzerland Billiards Team Grind Out Hard-fought Victory

Switzerland Billiards Team Grind Out Hard-fought Victory
The Switzerland billiard team moved into round two after they recorded a hard-fought triumph against Hungary. The quality of pool was not the best but the Swiss pairing of Dimitri Jungo and Marco Tschudi did enought to grind out an 8-5 win over the Hungarian duo of Miko Balazs and Vilmos Foldes.
But with a potential match up against America in the second round, Switzerland wil have to seriously raise their game if they are to make any further progress.
Hungary made the first error of the match when Balazs tried to push out but he overhit his attempt and was stunned as the ball crept into the bottom left-hand pocket.
The two sides made early mistakes with Foldes and Tschudi, both highly-rated players on the Euro Tour, making surprising gaffes.
Foldes’ attempt to down the 8-ball into the left side pocket was unsuccessful as Switzerland took the lead. But it did not last long as Foldes disposed of the 9-ball in the next for an early 1-1 scoreline.
Balazs made another error in the third rack as he left the 4-ball on into the left side pocket and it soon became 1-2 to Switzerland. Neither side could take control of the match as Tschudi scratched off the break to bring Hungary once more to the table and Balazs enjoyed himself by making it 2-2.
This was the 13th game of the 2007 PartyPoker.net World Cup of Pool and we had not yet had a hill-hill but this looked like it could go all the way.
For the second successive rack, it began with a player scratching and this time Vilmos Foldes was the guilty party. Switzerland won the rack with a comfortable run out but neither side had still managed to win two racks in a row.
The sixth was a poor affair that struggled to flow as head referee Michaela Tabb warned the Swiss players to speed up after they took too long consulting about a push out shot.
Foldes then gave ball-in-hand to the Swiss after a failed kick shot on the red three, which had been positioned close to the top rail. It was not immediately punished but Balazs became the latest player in this tournament to miss the brown 7 and that helped Switzerland move two ahead.
However, they scratched again, the fourth time in seven racks this had happened as Hungary won their third rack, but still trailed 3-4. The sides shared the next two racks as Switzerland were slowly edgin towards to last 16 at 5-4.
None of the four players would be pleased with their performances in this mistake-filled encounter and whatever team advanced would have to play better in the next round.
Hungary made it 5-5 but Switzerland finally staked their authority on the match by taking the next two, including a 2-9 combination from Tschudi in the 12th.
Switzerland completed the job in the next as Jungo showed his talent by banking the 1-ball and later downing the 9-ball for an 8-5 win.