Taiwan Billiard Team Crushes Denmark

Taiwan Billiard Team Crushes Denmark
The Taiwanese billiards team fired out a warning to their rivals in the 2007 PartyPoker.net World Cup of Pool. The third seeds, consisting of Wu Chia-ching and Yang Ching-shun, produced one of the best displays of the tournament so far to cruise past opponents Denmark.
It was a fine performance from the two players and the only surprise was that Denmark managed to claim three racks as Taiwan eased to an 8-3 success. Taiwan won the lag but in the opening rack a poor kick-shot on the 1-ball from Yang Ching-shun went wrong and brought Denmark to the table.
Kasper Kristoffersen overhit the positional shot going from the 8-ball to the 9-ball to give his team-mate Bahram Lotfy a tougher than expected pot but he managed to hold his nerve as the Danes took a surprise lead.
It did not last long as Kristoffersen gave the Taiwan pair ball-in-hand when he jumped over the 9-ball to sink the 2-ball but had no control over the cue ball, which ended up on the carpet.
The Asian duo ran out the next rack to move 2-1 ahead and looked in the mood to run up a big lead. But that was not the case as Yang missed his shot at the 7-ball, before Wu missed a double-bank attempt on the same ball as Denmark stole the rack to make it 2-2.
Denmark fouled in the next and Taiwan ruthless and quickly moved through the rack for a 3-2 advantage. The Taiwanese pair now looked in stroke and produced a flawless sixth rack as they broke and ran for a two-rack lead for the first time this match.
A failed safety effort from Yang in the seventh brought the Danes back in action and they continued to make a game of it by claiming this rack as they now only trailed by one rack at 3-4.
Wu Chia-ching, a former 8-ball and 9-ball world champion, made a rare gaff as he missed with a thin cut when trying to roll the 5-ball down the left-side rail but Denmark could not capitalise as the score ticked over to 5-3.
It soon became 6-3 as Taiwan ran through the next and were closing in on their target of eight.
A jump shot from Yang to down the 1-ball was so impressive that even the Danish players were applauding the effort but they had nothing of their own to cheer about as it moved on to 7-3 with Taiwan on the hill.
They completed their task with apparent ease and reinforced their backing as one of the pre-tournament favorites.