Testa Tops in Atlantic City

Testa Tops at Atlantic City Billiards Club

Blaze 9-Ball Tour / Atlantic City, NJ
by Rick Davis
Going undefeated, Joey Testa took the May 20 stop of the Blaze 9-Ball Tour, mostly uncontested during his run at Atlantic City Billiards Club in Atlantic City, NJ, where a 32-player field turned out to be put through the grinder.
In the hot seat match Testa faced Shaun Wilkie, a regular on the tour and all-around top player in the Northeast, and blew him out 7-3 in no time. Previously both players iced some of the tour favorites, including Testa’s double-hill win over Al Lapena and Wilkie’s win over Mike Fingers with that same result.
With Testa king of the hill, Wilkie headed west to face Lapena and, after recovering his stroke, eliminated him by virtue of a 7-3 defeat. Testa was waiting for whoever managed to return to the finals, and although Wilkie intended to provide stiffer competition, Testa began to drill him once again. In no time at all Testa once again skipped past Wilkie 7-3 to claim the first-place title of the Blaze 9-Ball Tour’s thirteenth stop.
1st Joey Testa
2nd Shaun Wilkie
3rd Al Lapena
4th Rob Pole
5th Adam Kielar
Bob Maidhof