The AWBT’s 9th Tour Stop – Alexander’s Bar and Grill, Phoenix Arizona
12 teams showed up for this $500 added scotch-doubles 9-ball fundraiser! This was one of the most fun tournaments and Alexander’s was the perfect place for it!
Out of all the teams, 2 stood out above the rest. Michelle Trevino and Colin Winter reigned supreme as they went undefeated all the way to the hot seat! Their hot-seat match was against another awesome team, Susan Mello and Ann Merseal. This was a tough match and although both teams played well, Michelle and Colin were victorious and won the match 7 to 5.
While Michelle and Colin waited patiently, Susan and Ann had to face Natalie Hostler and Bull Becker. Their tattoos alone were intimidating let alone how they had been kickin’ butt all weekend! But Susan and Ann are not easily intimidated and beat up on Nat and Bull, winning the match 7 to 2.