The WPA World Tour Final

The WPA World Tour Final
February 2008
The WPA is happy to announce that the idea of their new world tournament series is finally brought to life. Developing the success of European Eurotours, EPBF will become the host of the first World Tour Final, which will be held in February 2008. The participation of the best players from all continents, a big prize fund, and high-standard television production is about to turn The WPA World Tour Final into one of the biggest events of next season.
From 2009 onwards they are planning to have four World Tours every year.
Event Information
Date: End of February 2008
Discipline: 9-Ball
Venue: T.B.A.
Format: 64 players coming out of qualifying events from around the world; D.K.O. till last 16; 16 players qualify for final 24 + 8 wildcards will be added to 16.
Last 24 play in 8 groups of 3 round robin as follows:
Match A: Player 1 vs Player 2
Match B: Loser Match A – Player 3
Match C: Winner Match A – Player 3
Group winners advance to quarterfinals with single K.O.
Prize Fund: US $100,000 or more
AAPA (South Africa) 1 Qualifying event 4 players
APBU (Asia) 4 Qualifying events 16 players
BCA (North America) 2 Qualifying events 8 players
BCA (Canada) 1 Qualifying event 4 players
OPBA (Oceana) 1 Qualifying event 4 players
CPB (Latin America) 1 Qualifying event 4 players
EPBF (Europe) 5 Qualifying events 20 players
Main Event 1 Qualifying event 4 players
The qualifying events should be played by December 31, 2007, and are meant to be organized by WPA members supporting the idea. Standard requirements for the qualifying events are: race to 10; entrance fee of US $200 per person; D.K.O. format; 2 winners and 2 winners from the one-loss side are qualified.
If the continental federation wants to change the number of delegated players, it can be discussed with the WPA.

Sanctioning: WPA World Tour Final is organized and sanctioned by the World Pool Association, which is the world governing body for pool and administers the game at many levels across the globe. The WPA is made up of continental members from South Africa, Asia, North America, Canada, Oceania, Latin America, and Europe. Individual national associations are in turn members of their continental associations.