Turning Stone X Begins

Turning Stone X Begins
by Rick Davis
The Turning Stone Classic X got underway February 21 at the Turning Stone Hotel and Casino in Verona, NY. Once again the event has a full 128-player field that will battle it out through the event’s four days of play as everyone reaches for their share of the $41,000 prize fund.
Rounds begin every two hours starting at 10 a.m. Friday and Saturday until the top eight are brought back for the final day of play on Sunday.
As the first rounds of the event began on the winners’ side, it seems that the random draw did a spectacular job spreading out the top pros. While this promises that the favorites are sure to keep a hold through at least the first couple days, it makes it a daunting task for anyone else who faces the gauntlet. A quick glance through the who’s who sees Mika Immonen and Thorston Hohmann as well as Johnny Archer. Top Northeastern players Mike Davis and Dennis Hatch are also stalking prey, and that’s only half of the chart! The other half of the chart includes Steve Moore, Ronnie Wiseman, and Louis Ulrich, who was runner-up last June at this event, among others. Last June’s winner, Lee Van Corteza, is not present to defend his title. As if all of that were not enough, there is a bunch of top WPBA stars in the lineup, including Karen Corr, Val Finnie, Kelly Fisher, Ewa Laurence, and Julie Kelly.
With the first day coming to a close, many top players advanced with little opposition. Hatch, Tony Robles, Immonen, and Moore all came through unscathed. Ulrich managed the day’s only shut-out against Wayne Cooperider, and favorite women’s entry, Corr, stayed prominent without a loss. The evening’s shocker was seen when Robb Saez and Rodolfo Luat were tied at double-hill, and after an intense safety battle, Saez left a shot on the 7 ball. Luat, however, rattled the 8 ball, leaving Saez to tap in the last two balls, snatching the match back from the jaws of disaster. As eyes moved from that match, much of the crowd was cheering Laurence on, but her match against Jeremy Sossei was over before it began as he drilled her 9-1.
Few unexpected results have taken place so far, but after the players rest and the first full day of play begins Friday, the excitement will pick up as players scramble to stay in the action.
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