Undefeated Victory for Hjorliefson

Undefeated 30K Tour Victory for Hjorliefson

Canadian 30K Tour / Newmarket, ONT
by Willy Hermoza and Tony Butera
Thirty-two die-hard pool players gave up the sunny skies for a chance to compete in the 34th stop of the Canadian 30K Tour at Bigwigs May 19-20. Frequent winner Erik Hjorliefson went home with the first-place prize.
Hjorliefson went undefeated through the winners’ side, making quick work of Ken Botham 10-2 for the hot seat. On the one-loss side Jeff Dick finished in fifth place, being eliminated by up-and-coming 14-year-old Jeff Robson. Mike Leigh ended up in the same position when he fell 7-3 to George Cornelius, who was on fire.
Robson took an early lead 3-1 in the quarterfinals over his opponent, but Cornelius turned up the heat and defeated the youngster 8-4. Now playing like a man possessed, Cornelius quickly dispatched Botham 7-4 to advance to the finals. However, Hjorleifson ended Cornelius’ run 10-2, going undefeated.
1st Erik Hjorliefson
2nd George Cornelius
3rd Ken Botham
4th Jeff Robson
5th Jeff Dick
Mike Leigh