Usual Suspects Lead in Cuetec Cues Florida Classic

Usual Suspects Lead in Cuetec Cues Florida Classic
by Inside POOL Staff
Billiard News – The Women’s Professional Billiard Association’s (WPBA) Cuetec Cues Florida Classic is busy winding down to the final 16 players in Hollywood, FL. Hosted by the Seminole Hard Rock Casino, the event drew a full 64-player field.
Number one on the WPBA, Allison Fisher did not disappoint her strong fan base, winning her first two matches against Ellen Van Buren 9-2 and Liz Ford hill-hill. Gerda “The G-Force” Hofstatter is also going strong, having defeated Susan Williams 9-4 and Megan Minerich 9-5. She will next play Ireland’s Julie Kelly, who has notched wins over Rachael Abbink 9-7 and Miyuki Sakai 9-4.
Winner of the WPBA’s first tour event this year, Ga-Young Kim is still a contender as well, with victories over newcomer Yu Ram Cha 9-4 and Melissa Little 9-3. Her next match will be against Melissa Herndon out of L.A., who defeated My-Hahn Lac 9-5 and Anna Kostanian 9-4 to make it thus far.
Kelly Fisher is poised to meet Helena Thornfeldt, who just defeated her road partner, Val Finnie, 9-2. Xiaoting Pan has scorched through her first two matches, scoring wins over Caroline Pao 9-2 and Laura Smith 9-3 to reach her next match with Kim White.
Atlanta’s Monica Webb has also done well so far, with victories over Debbie Schjodt 9-4 and Tracie Hines 9-5 to meet up with the effervescent Vivian Villareal, who earlier defeated Liz Lovely 9-0 and then Jennifer Barretta 9-3.
Sarah “Velvet” Ellerby stands poised to strike in the next round, having vanquished Gail Grecar 9-3 and Alice Rim 9-5. Her next match will be against Dawn Hopkins, who whitewashed Joanne Ashton 9-0 and then bested Tiffany Nelson in a tough double-hill match.
Ireland’s Karen Corr is still going strong as well, with wins over Maureen Seto 9-1 and then Angelina Paglia 9-6. She will next play Kim Shaw, who bested Stacy Hurst 9-2 and Janet Atwell 9-6.
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